About Remo Paul




As a leader in Arizona’s Real Estate market, Remo Paul offers an unmatched blend of local expertise, world-class marketing and property exposure opportunities to his clients. His methods are aggressive and ahead of the curve. He studies Real Estate market trends in order to allow his sellers the opportunity to capitalize on an up market, and his buyers a down market.

Remo began his Real Estate career at the age of 24, which granted him the best component of growth, time. Within just 2 years in the business, Remo and his team were already making appearances in Real Estate shows on TLC and winning awards for Buyers agents of the month. The year 2009 market the lowest point in this decade’s real estate market, Remo fought through and used his investment knowledge to create life long wealth for countless people, turning the down market into a flourishing opportunity. He cares passionately about each deal. No matter the price Remo will make sure his clients are getting the best possible outcome. Although his competing realtors view him as one of the Toughest negotiators, his clients themselves invite him to baby showers, weddings and family dinners.

If you’re looking to invest, purchase a new home, purchase your next home or sell your home, Remo is your best point of reference